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How to maintain the sweater
How to maintain the sweater

Attention should be paid to ironing.
(1) the temperature of the iron can be higher. The dirty parts can be ironed several times, but do not directly contact the woolen cloth to avoid the light.
(2) towels should be rinsed continuously in the water, and the warm water in the basin should be constantly updated.
(3) after it is dry cleaned, hangers can be hung up until the water is fully dried and then worn.
The wool is easily damp and mouldy. Because wool contains oil and protein, it is easy to be eaten by insects and rats. In the custody of the following points should be paid attention to:
(1) it is best not to fold, hang on the hanger and store it in the cabinet, so as to avoid wrinkles when wearing.
(2) the containers for clothing should be kept clean and dry. The temperature should be kept below 25 C and the relative humidity below 60%. At the same time, camphor balls should be put in place to avoid dampness or insects. Clothing should be shaded to avoid direct sunlight to prevent fading.
(3) we should often produce air drying (not drying), flapping dust and dust and removing moisture. After drying, it should be cool and then put in the cabinet.
(4) the clothing worn out should be cleaned when it needs to be stored in season, so as not to cause mouldy or insect pests due to sweat or dust.