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How to maintain the T-shirts
How to maintain the T-shirts

1. At ordinary times, iron with medium temperature steam (do not iron with high temperature if containing elastic fibers, so as not to damage the structure of elastic fibers and affect the elastic effect of clothes). Do not iron directly on patterns.

2. Do not expose to the sun when drying, so as not to cause fading, some are a few. The short-sleeved T-shirt of rice clothing is made of elastic fabric, which will make the elastic fiber of bree brittle and reduce its elasticity and strength when exposed to the sun. To prevent deformation, the clothes should be dehydrated first when drying. If there is no dehydrating device, squeeze by hand. When drying, the clothes can be adjusted through the horizontal bar of the clothes, and as far as possible not to use the clothes rack lining, in order to prevent the excessive water content of the clothes caused the bottom of the T-shirt to sag and thus deformation.

When washing, you can put some salt in the water and rinse it with clean water, which is a good way to prevent the color of clothes.

Don't wash with detergent. In less than 40 ℃ warm water or cold water to wash.

5. Do not pull, rub, twist or iron the printing position to prevent the printing from falling off.